Sri Lanka, Landscapes

I have returned home to Dubai after what seems like a long time away. Now that I have kids my life no longer has the same freedom to at a whim stay on and shoot in Sri Lanka. The monsoon light and the ever changing weather thrilled me. I miss shooting landscapes. A lot. There is a buzz I get from watching light. An utter sense of well being and also it reminds me that I am in control of nothing. So I want to go back to Sri Lanka next monsoon. The kids will be easier to travel with (a 1.5 year old and a 3.5 year old) is not the ideal travel/shooting companions although they did great battling mosquitos, sun burn, strange food, middle of the night travels. So one year on I will come back and this time it will also be shooting on my large format but for now these pictures will remind me.
This is a first quick edit. I will post more in the coming days.