Afghanistan then; Mother of all mothers

As an 11 year old living in Islamabad my dream was to see Kabul. I got to see more than that many years later, soon after the Taliban fell.

I am now certain I was too young be there as a photographer and wish I was a better story teller to make the world see.  I also know now I am lucky in life. I gave birth safely in a modern hospital twice with complications which in Northern Afghanistan would have meant my childrens’ certain death and quite possibly my own. This essay was part of a series instigated and written by Edward Cawardine from UNICEF. The series was called Real Lives, Extraordinary Lives.

As I read the article again I can only wish for more health, more rights and more equality for the Women of the world.

This is the story of Bibihalema, trained birth attendant and a story of maternal health in Badakhshan.

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